As a result of Richard Wood-Samman (aka – Dirt Willy) sudden passing on Sept 27, 2015, the family has decided not to continue in the game bird business.

For Sale
Breeding Stock:
• Chinese Ring neck, ($20. Hens, $25. Roosters)
• Jumbo Ring-neck, ($25. Hens, $30. Roosters)
• Jumbo White Ring-neck, ($25. Hens, $30. Roosters)
• Merriam and Eastern Wild Turkey ($50. Hen, $75. Toms)

All processed Pheasant and Wild Turkey.
• Pheasants, ($11. Pound, $24.20 Kg)
• Turkeys, ($6.50 Pound, $14.30 Kg)

Please phone 780-983-4112 to place an order.

All hatching equipment, brooder equipment, netting, pens, crates, buildings, walk in freezer; will be sold at a later date.
Thank you for your patronage.